Sunday, August 28, 2011

Want not, waste not : An evening of improptu yarn bombing :-)

Today i received a call to let me know how much the Brew fest officials enjoyed our wraps and i was given the "heads up" that we should come get our wraps before the tent take down . Not wanting to simply waste them we gifted the outside of Stella's with some art :-) I will be adding giant circles to this art-in-progress ( its a massive tree!)
While we were installing some of the staff asked if i could yarn bomb one of the  bikes as a joke/friendly hazing . Do you know how long i have wanted to do a bike? I used whatever pieces i happened to have on me at the time and it turned out pretty decent :-) I made sure it was still ride-able

Then we drove to Escape Salon so we could Yarn Bomb Victoria :-) We had a great time hearing compliments on our other installation and met a lot of cool people. I was even gifted some fresh baked bread from Pleasanton Bakery ;-) We used a combination of the wraps from the Wine fest and some pieces i had and pieces Ellen had to create a beautiful/funky new corner :-) I even left Victoria a little froggy friend :-)

It was a great night :-) Tomorrow we will be gifting some panels to Left Foot Charley and UnCorked :-)  Life is sweet

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