Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It begins with a pair of needles and a whim.....

Today i start my very first blog in years.  "Exciting stuff" :-) I figure that so much has been going on with my artwork that i should really put it out into the internet universe and share it in the hopes it may make someone smile or inspire others to learn to knit or crochet :-)
Today i am busy creating original infant hats and a hedgehog for a friend's first baby and plotting my next yarn bomb here in Traverse City Mi.
I am a hopelessly, shamelessly addicted pattern free speed knitter. I have been knitting for 11 years now . I NEVER read patterns, though i do know how contrary to common belief ;-) Patterns are the ideas of other people in a format for any Tom Dick And Mary to also create.  I prefer to just dream things up, cast on and make up my own patterns which is why i call my little business " Knit Happens". 
  The crochet/ knit group i belong to, The Hookers Of Traverse City , bombed the alleyway between Kilwins Fudge and Pangea's pizza on Front Street for the Traverse City Lip Dub during Film Festival this year. It has been so well received and appreciated that it boggles my mind a bit lol I have been "googleing" various keywords and finding my Drinking Fountain Cozy blogged and posted on Flicker and Twitter and all sorts of places on the Interweb. VERY cool stuff :-) I have been enjoying reading about travelers from all over the world who happened to stop in Traverse and see our work and want to share it with their friends and family.  I love it! 
This summer has been a non stop whirlwind of activity now that i really think about it.  I have been busy with  gall bladder surgery,orders , buying our first home  and moving , fairs and bombs:-) 
The Les Cheneaux Antique Wooden Boat Show was cold and rainy for the entire day but Brit and i sat at our covered booth with our wares again this year :-) I am happy to say that many of my creations are now happily out in the world with people who fell in love with them which is a big deal to me :-)

Recently  a smaller group  of us got together and speed knit/crocheted wine themed wraps to cover the main tent poles for the Traverse City Wine and Art Festival last weekend :-) There was a good turn out this year and as we walked and sipped the fruits of our labor we  enjoyed watching people checking out our work.  I had many people come up and ask me about my shawl i was wearing which led to conversations about knitting and the yarn bombs lol

In the next few weeks i have 35 orders to complete as colder weather is coming this way and people are having babies . I also have the Makers Market Art fair to prepare for . I am putting my submission in for the jury tomorrow.  **Cross your fingers*** 
Fall and winter are always a busy time for me but its a good kind of busy :-) I never tire of dreaming up new ways to cover the people around me in my art and now with Yarn Bombing i can start on the word around me too, pieces at a time :-)

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  1. I checked on the "bomb" today and it is still in tact. ;-) Surprised your Late Night Knitting has not been touched.