Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday night Hooker's meeting leads to fun :-)

Dahlia has been away for the summer and so she missed out getting to see the Kilwin's/Pangea alley bomb in person. Tonight i took her along with me to my Hooker's meeting so she could have some much needed "Mother Daughter" time and possibly learn how to knit or crochet at the same time.  She really was surprised to see the "Bee Tree" in person and she posed with my fountain :-)

Ellen took the time to show her how to chain and gave her an idea about crocheting to where Dahlia created a mustache . A mother more proud you can not find tonight , my friend.  Now to get the mustache to stay on she went up to the bar and asked for a piece of tape.  After the second time asking they just sent her back with the dispenser which got my mind whirling because it looked an awful lot like a snail to me. So i knit up a tape dispenser cozy and declared UnCorked  " bombed" lol  Amanda and Mara were very pleased to get the tape-snail :-)  Life is sweet . 

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  1. Wow! love your knitted stuff and I gotta say Dahlia is getting more beautiful every time I see her.

    Hi Dahlia!!